Breaking news!! Pam has begun a blog!!

Here is my first blog!!  I stumbled upon this after I wanted to comment on another SLP’s post about working in Zambia, Africa.

So I thought, why not?  This could be a great way to share the things I learn and collect as I travel my speech-language therapy path to and through my schools every day.

The first thing I want to share is a summary that I wrote up about the Action-Based Learning conference I went to last Wednesday in Hermon, Maine.  It was hosted by Jean Blaydes-Madigan and was a full day of learning how exercise and movement help the brain learn, among other things.  We SLPs already know a lot about the brain because we had to take Neurology in graduate school, but it was really neat to see those clinical facts put to use in musical routines, body movement sequences, and line dances (!) that we can use to help students learn in a fun and engaging way.

Now if I can just figure out to attach my document somewhere on here, I’ll be all set…


Action-Based Learning Summary 5.12