Goals tracking

I just got a request to share my tracking form I use to track my students’ progress on their speech-language goals.  I developed this on an Excel spreadsheet after getting the idea from a former classmate/friend/supervisor during a practicum I took with her.  It’s an easy (and fun for the student) way to track progress and see the progress at a glance.  It incorporates a grid of percentages 0-100 that when colored in, creates a bar graph.  There is a place for the student’s name, range of dates, the goal, dates, percents, and plenty of lines below for comments (SOAP kinds of info).  I print this off double-sided to save space in the file/binder and the students love to color in the boxes and see their progress.  You also have the option to “color” it in the computer and type your notes, but I find the pencil and pen method is quicker (and more fun for my students).

Credit to Susan Lanzara Fass, M.S., CCC-SLP (now working for Boothby Therapy Services in New Hampshire).

I’ll be sharing more later!




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