I caved and joined Pinterest!

When I first saw this website (through “Pins” of my family and friends on Facebook) I thought, “Oh, crikey – another time-waster, black hole of productivity” but then kept seeing other uses for it (rather than posts on home decor and fashion, as well as humor).  My colleagues were sharing valuable information and links through Pinterest and if I wanted to access these resources, I’d have to join!  So with some trepidation, I signed up and immediately found a humorous “pin” of a warning about “everything pumpkin-flavored” coming soon and pinned it because I knew all my New England friends would get a kick out of it.  But then I did remember to access that really cool link that originally prompted this new venture.

But – I am a visual person and having all these cool pictures to look at and share can be very tempting, so I am going to have to limit my browsing (I use a timer!) and remember that I have a life away from my computer.  It’s easy to get sucked in and go from one thing to another, and before you know it, you’ve frittered away an hour or two of your day (and it could be a nice one like we’re enjoying right now in Northern New England) and missing out on more meaningful activities.  Everything has its place, and even functional, worthwhile apps need to be used judiciously and in moderation so that they don’t take over your “real life”.

Now, off to do laundry!  (on this beautiful, soon-to-be fall day in New Hampshire…)

Paminterest 🙂

SLP Pinterest



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